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The Safari Jacket (SOLD)

Beautiful leather in this over pocketed, over quilted, belted, fur collared vintage jacket. Saved to live another life as a roomy, unusually, large ladies bag. Spacious interior with a wide, bottom base, four pockets inside and two on the front. The belt of this jacket made a fine strap, the zip was re used with a leather pull, stitched by hand. This bag is double lined with thin, foam padding beneath a 100% cotton, newspaper print fabric (that was produced as a tablecloth, but I had other uses for it). This characterful bag is well made, has plenty of storage, softly padded and securely fastened. The Safari jacket was always going to be two Bags2b, and this one was the first. This unusual jacket was well crafted but an acquired taste, judging by how long it had been in hidimg, whereas the bags that this jacket has become, well, they just say ‘ individual’ but in a more stylish and practical way. Designed, hand stitched and handcrafted by Bag2b 

  • Watch the video on the jacket to bag upcycle transformation in the Gallery section.

One Only

Dimensions (approx)

Length 31cm

Width 46cm

Base 13 cm

Detachable , short carry handles

Adjustable shoulder strap

Made in 🇬🇧 With ❤️


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